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K1 Speed Ontario – August 2009 Challenge GP Results

27 August 2009

The second round of our K1 Speed Ontario Super Track Challenge GP turned out to be a very exciting night! A total of 24 people showed up for the event, including some past regulars that we haven’t seen in a while, resulting in some fantastic racing. Despite the combination of veterans and novice racers, the qualifying sessions went very well, with no major incidents at all!

Despite the clean qualifying sessions, the B main race didn’t start very smoothly. As racers vied for position going into the first few corners, there were unfortunately a few collisions (one racer actually had his helmet camera nearly knocked off, reinforcing the notion that there is no bumping allowed!). After the first lap the racers settled down though and were able to get into a rhythm that allowed for fast and consistent lap times. With about 2 laps to go however, Mike Chen and Joshua Ferguson found themselves in a tight battle for position. The two were swapping positions at almost every corner, alternating between defensive and offensive driving styles, until they got a little too aggressive, and Joshua spun out, losing several positions in the process. Mike was able to continue unimpeded from the incident and finished the race in 3rd place behind 2nd place finisher Jonathan Wright. Chris Weaver, who was able to start from the lead, never really had any pressure from behind and went on to win the B main.

The A main looked a little different than usual at the start, as John Tanaka started from the second row in the third position; still very respectable but quite different from his typical Pole starting position. The beginning of the race was very clean, with John Tanaka taking the second position away from David Messimer on the second or third lap. After passing David, John set his sights on pole position winner Garrett Regan, but was unable to close the quite significant gap that Garret had formed between his kart and the competition. Garret was able to hold on to the top position for the entire race and cruised to an easy win. John Tanaka finished 1.45 seconds behind in second place, and David Messimer, who was consistent the whole race and stayed out of trouble, was able to finish in third. The only incident of the race occurred between Alfredo Anguiano and Chris Singleton, who were both fighting for a chance at the podium but ending up taking each other out in the process.

It was a great turnout this past weekend and we enjoyed seeing some new faces not only compete for, but earn a spot on the podium! We look forward to seeing even more new racers at the next Ontario Super Track Challenge GP race on September 13th. If you think you have what it takes to compete against the best K1 Speed racers, join us!

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