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K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 1 2K13 – Season 2

Sunday night was the first race of the new Challenge GP season in Ontario. We have a brand new track layout for the new season and had 18 racers come to try and start the season off with a win to start their championship battle. Qualifying had the usual regulars at the top of the board, with Bryce Raygor setting the fast lap for qualifying with a 50.171. Since we had such a large group for the first round of the season, the field was split in two for the final races.

The B Main started out with Chase Billings on the pole, who took the whole field very slow down for the rolling start to take the green flag. Clay Trueman, who started 4th, was able to time the start perfectly and got a great jump on third place, Sean Fite, and passed him cleanly into turn 1. The battles continued throughout the field, as Chase was on a mission to show he deserved to be at the top of the podium. After all 7 laps were complete, Chase took the checkered in first place by 5.3 seconds over second place Clay Trueman. Daniel Murray who started in fifth was able to claw himself up to 3rd place, with David Fancis Jr. in forth, and Sean Fite in fifth.

The A Main had a few new faces up towards the top of the lap chart, but Bryce was ready to take advantage of his top starting spot and show everyone why he finished towards the top of the points last season. Everyone started off very cleanly for the first lap or two and then the battles started to really show themselves, especially last year’s points champion, Robert Hernandez, who started 8th in the final, slowly worked his way up towards the front of the pack. There was no stopping Bryce, who pulled a pretty sizeable lead from the start of the race and was able to maintain that for the entire race. Bryce ended up taking the checkered with a 5 second lead over second place Evan Sumpter. Robert Hernandez was able to gain five positions throughout the race and ended up in third, Trevor Teerlink in forth, and Kyle Luna in fifth.

We look forward to seeing more new faces the next Ontario Challenge GP on August 4th. Remember you can always come and practice the Supertrack in Ontario on Monday’s! See you next month!


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