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K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP

K1 Speed in Ontario ran the latest installment of our standard direction, Super-track Challenge GP this past Sunday. Qualifying remained straight forward, as up and comer Tyler Pope held on for a second straight month to his first place throne, finishing in first after qualifying in with a time of: 54.29. Trailing Tyler by tenths of a second for the entire night was Jonathan Wright who placed second, after qualifying with a time of: 54.47. The heated competition came in the fight for that 3rd spot on the podium. Joon Maeng qualified in third with a time of 54.81, followed closely by Matt Shane and John Perry. Matt lost position early, and John and Joon battled fiercely for that 3rd place trophy, but a clutch move by John Perry during the 5th lap landed him in the 3rd place spot, and he held on to finish out the top 3.

Congratulations to our top 3 finishers and to all of our competitors for a great event!

Don’t miss round 3 coming September 12th, our Super-track configuration is the most challenging technical indoor kart track in the Inland Empire, giving racers the best competition in the area.

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