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K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP 5 Results

The Ontario Supertrack Challenge GP was Sunday night for the 5th race of the six race season. There were eight racers ready to battle it out to see who the best in the Inland Empire was that night. Qualifying was very straightforward with no incidents and everyone posting very good lap times. KC Cook was able to put himself at the top of the chart, with a lap of 47.876, grabbing the pole position for the final race. We had a couple newcomers to the Ontario GP on Sunday night and were able to adapt to the track very quickly.

As the final started, KC was able to gap the field, as everyone else fought hard to keep their positions. The final race went very smooth, with everyone giving plenty of space and respect to one another. KC was able to come home in the first position, 6.2 seconds in front of second place Robert Hernandez. Bob Hyman finished in third, John Carroll in forth, and rounding out the top 5 was Chuck Gentile. We look forward to seeing more new faces for the final race of the season next month on December 9th!


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