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K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Results

K1 Speed’s Inland Empire location hosted the half way point of their Challenge GP race series this past weekend to a large field of drivers all making a run for a podium appearance. A number of new faces joined the mix and made for an exciting night of racing for everyone on hand. Qualifying would be smooth and straight forward, with points leader Robby Stanovich grabbing another pole position over a very tight field of drivers, just edging out Tyler Pope and Gabriel Familathe. With the field set the main event was looking to be a race to remember.

The main event would see Robby Stanovich lead the field into turn one on the green flag rolling start, with Tyler Pope almost in Robby’s transmission as he hung out just off Robby’s back bumper. Gabriel, had the best seat in the house, hanging back just a few kart lengths waiting for someone to make a mistake. Robby had his work cut out for him using every bit of the track to keep Tyler from passing him, Gabriel would get the nose of the kart in on Tyler a few times but was unable to find a clean way around and had to back off a bit. The rest of the field would have their own battles going back and forth as a number of drivers would swap positions for the duration of the race. Robby was able to hold on to first once the checkered flag came out with Tyler taking second, and Gabriel would round out the top three to the night.

With just 3 more races to go at K1 Speed in Ontario, it will be a race to the finish to crown the overall points champion for 2011. Come out to San Bernardino’s best indoor kart racing facility with K1 Speed in Ontario California and check out the race action for yourself!

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