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K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Results

K1 Speed in Ontario, California had Round 4 of its Challenge GP Race series this past Sunday, hosting a number of talented drivers that were all looking for that top-three finish on the podium by winning and leading on the exciting the Super Track layout. With the points chase winding down for this season, the drivers all wanted to best one another for the bonus qualifying points right from the start. Paul Ciralli was the night’s spoiler, taking the top qualifier position with a fast lap of 56.099 seconds, giving him pole position for the night’s A-Main. The remaining drivers were not going to give up easily, though, as they all fell within a few tenths of a second of each others’ lap times to make for a tight field going into the main.

Paul would take the green flag rolling start and be challenged early on by Tyler Pope who then dropped back a bit by the second lap only to get pressured by Tyler Rich who was sitting in third just off his back bumper. On the next lap Rich got a little too close to Pope which resulted in Pope spinning out and dropping back a number a positions before he could get his kart pointed in the right direction. Pope ultimately set out on a mission to catch up setting the quickest lap time 55.890 seconds in the main but had fallen back too far from Rich and was unable to gain any ground in his quest for that number two spot. Paul would go on to win the race, Tyler Rich finished second and Tyler Pope would round out the top three on the podium.

There are just a few remaining events left in this Challenge GP season at a local K1 Speed center near you so be sure to take a look at the schedule by clicking the link below. Find out when and where you can join in the competition and fun of the next Challenge GP Race! See you on the track!


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