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K1 Speed Ontario Enduro Race Results

K1 Speed in Ontario, California held its monthly Enduro Challenge race last Thursday (6/2/11) giving drivers roughly 85 laps of competition to battle it out with one another for the top spot on the podium. With an hour of on-track time, drivers not only need on-track race strategy, but a successful pit stop strategy as well in order to come out on top. At the start of the race Michael Eshleman II got out into the lead early and was able to make use of an clean track making a strong run on everyone, leading for the entire duration of the race Michael actually lapped the entire field after his 5th pit stop to change into a freshly charged kart. That would leave second place finisher Alec Bauer, and third place finished Michael Eshleman, to battle back and forth with each other, which went on for the duration of the race untill the checkered flag. The rest of the field had their own battles going as they would work to gain positions on one another. Twelve-year old McKenzie Eshleman made a great debut as she was able to hang with the adults in her first competitive kart race and will be one to watch in the coming months as she gets more accustom to kart racing.

San Bernardino’s top indoor kart racing facility hosts the Enduro Challenge race once a month on the first Thursday of each month giving kart racers in the Inland Empire, a unique enduro racing experience. There are no driver changes in this form of enduro racing only kart changes, creating a great racing format for all that are involved. Come out next month to the next event and see take on the K1 Speed Enduro Challenge Race.

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