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K1 Speed Ontario hosts 5th GP

K1 Speed in Ontario hosted its 5th Challenge GP race this past Sunday. A packed house of racers took on the famed super-track configuration which is currently being run in reverse for this 6 race series making for a some great racing action and new driving challenges with each event.

Qualifying had all the regular event attendees keeping each other on their toes with John Tanaka taking the top spot for the A Main with a 50.110 second lap. Khalifa Alasiri wasn’t too far behind with a 50.225 second lap with relative new-comer to the Challenge GP events Garrett Regan qualifying in third with a 50.252 second lap. The rest of the A main qualifiers would keep pace within .5 tenths of each other making this another one of the quickest fields of racers the Inland Empire has seen.

Tanaka would bring the group of drivers around on the rolling start of the A Main and was unopposed for the entire race taking the top spot on the podium. Khalifa Alasiri remained in second and he would be followed by Garrett Regan to take the remaining podium spot.

The B Main saw a bit more racing action with Matt Shane qualifying on pole with a lap time of 51.989 seconds, following close in second was Chris Weaver with a qualifying time of 52.262 seconds. Luis Delgado took the third qualifying position with a single lap time of 52.276 seconds.

Matt came around for the start of the race with Chris sitting right on his back bumper with the rest of the field following just behind them on the rolling start. With the field battling back and fourth and exchanging positions Matt would end up making a mid-race error and got sideways coming out of a tight section of corners allowing Chris and Luis to get by before he could get the kart pointed back in the right direction. Luis would eventually pass Chris with just 1 lap to go and go on to take the win. Chris would remain in second and Matt was able to hold of the rest of the field to hang onto third.

There is just one race to go in this first half of this 6 race series and the points battle is going to come down to the last race. K1 Speed is the only indoor kart racing facility in the Inland Empire to offer this type of competition. Come out to our next race June 13th and come give the best in indoor kart racing a try.

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