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K1 Speed Ontario hosts third Super-Track Challenge GP

This past weekend K1 Speeds Ontario facility hosted their third Super-Track Challenge GP with our high-end indoor electric racing karts. Still running in the reverse configuration, drivers have started to get in tune with the track layout and the lap times are starting to reflect that, as well known Challenge GP competitor Khalifa Alasiri broke the track record with a qualifying time of 51.16 seconds which landed him on the pole position for the A main. He was followed closely by Ahmed Alasiri qualifying in second and John Tanaka would qualify in third. At the start of the race the top 3 would battle it out with Taylor Hays close by in fourth to take advantage of any mistakes made by any of the top three drivers. The freight train would continue for all 8 laps and Khalifa would end up winning followed by John, and Ahmed would drop to third to round out the top 3 podium spots.

B main racing action would keep the fun going With John Carroll sitting on the pole position after qualifying followed by Mike Depape, and Anthony Saseung keeping pace to make up the top 3 qualifying spots. When the race started John and Mike would pull away from the pack and create the fast pace for the other drivers to keep up with, but they were unopposed as John would take the top position on the podium with Mike close behind in second. Anthony would finish out the top three to end the night.

K1 Speed’s Challenge GP race series is just about at the half way mark, with 3 more races to go at each location. Come out and give our electric indoor kart racing experience a try and see if you can take on the K1 Speed Challenge GP series at your local facility.

  • Mike D

    Oh man i had soo much fun doing this GP. Will definately make time
    to get out to K1 again for another one! Next time faster lap times fa shoo!!

  • Anthony S

    mad tyte jdm pose

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