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K1 Speed Ontario Jr. League GP 2 Results

Ontario’s March Junior league proved to be very exciting this month. With top qualifier Seth McDonald at 1st position, Luc Mayer and Tucker Turner at 2nd and 3rd our race begins at the drop of the green flag. Tightly packed for the first four laps all of the racers hold strong to their positions and maneuver the track very well. Midway through the race Tucker makes a pass on Luc then Seth and tucker pull ahead nearly 15 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack. Yet just as intense of a race remains between Luc, Dylan, and Dominic as they fight for position making temporary passes through the turns and fall back in position by the next lap. On the final leg of the race, the back three hold their positions very well creating distance between their followers through the checkered flag. Meanwhile at the front of the pack Seth and Tucker are head to head. With a few unsuccessful attempts at passing Seth, Tucker’s perseverance pays off by 12th lap! Passing Seth on the final turn of the track, Tucker was able to maintain first place for the last few laps as he passes the checkered flag.

All of our participants displayed incredible driving ability and sportsmanship and combined to make a very competitive March installment. Much thanks to our drivers for their participation, and a greatly anticipated April Junior GP awaits!

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final


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