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K1 Speed Ontario Jr. League GP 5 Results

Point totals are very close and anticipation is very high for the June installment of K1Speed Ontario’s Junior league challenge. As the season finale Grand Prix begins our racers are very focused on their goals for the evening. With an additional qualifier at hand the competition is that much more intense as all of our racers fight for the pole. Luc Mayer comes out as the top qualifier for the first qualifying round with a time of 28.45, yet qualifying is not over! Even more desperate for top times, all of the racers lower their qualifying times in the second round, but Tucker Turner takes the cake with an amazing qualifying time of 27.49!!! After a short break our racers are ready for the final! Qualifying first, second and third is Tucker, Megan, and Luc followed by Seth and Dylan in fourth and fifth. At the drop of the green flag all of our racers are literally bumper to bumper for the first few laps. By the 4th lap, Dylan starts to fall a few seconds behind do to very small maneuvering errors, but the rest of the pack remains tightly packed with no passing opportunities. The race is uneventful till the 7th lap when Megan has a very clean opportunity to make an outside pass on Tucker to advance to first place. Noticing the threat tucker swings wide to block the lane, in doing so he and Megan both loose speed and create a wide open path for Luc and Seth to pass on the inside. This fatal error brings tucker to third and Megan to fourth, meanwhile giving Luc and Seth a fighting chance at the first and second position! In the remaining laps Megan and Tucker battle each other while trying to close the gap between each other and the leaders. With 5 laps left, Seth does everything in his power to make a clean pass on Luc, yet Luc’s hard work holds strong through the finish line as he acquires his first Junior League Win! Following Luc, is Seth at Second and Tucker in Third as well as Megan and Dylan in fourth and fifth. A very exciting and eventful Season finale closes out a very exciting season for Ontario’s Junior League! Much appreciation to the participation and sportsmanship throughout the season!

With the final scores gathered our totals bring Luc to third place for the entire season with a total of 34 points! With a total of 44 points Tucker proudly holds the second position for the season. By a mere 2 pints Seth McDonald hold First place for the first season of 2013 with a total of 46 points! Congratulations to our season winners and K1Speed Ontario anticipates an exciting new season beginning in August!

February 5th – Mini GP (except Phoenix)
February 12th – Phoenix Only!
March 5th – Mini GP
April 2nd – Mini GP
May 7th – Mini GP
June 4th – Grand Prix Final


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