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K1 Speed Ontario Jr. League Season 2 GP 1 Results

Our July Junior league begins the second season and sets the bar at an incredibly competitive level . With Seth at the pole and Luc and tucker eagerly waiting for their chance to make a pass as the green flag drops. All the racers are tightly packed for the first 5 laps, while Megan incredibly passes her way to fourth place all from the back in a matter of minutes. Positions remain till the 7th lap when tucker makes a very clean pass to first place on the last turn of the track. This pass is challenged at every turn following till the end of the race. Though Seth puts up a valiant effort he cannot make any successful passes to hold a position. A final push on the last lap brings Seth and tucker neck and neck as they approach the checkered line but tuckers able to squeak out the first by only 2 thousandths of a second!! Leaving Seth at the second position and Luc in third. This race determines the level of competition for the entire season and it proved to be an intense event. We appreciate everyone’s participation and congratulate Tucker, Seth and Luc at their podium finish.

1st: Tucker Turner – 14pts
2nd: Seth McDonald – 14pts
3rd: Luc Mayer – 10pts
4th: Megain Howell – 8pts
5th: Rowan Patterson – 6pts
6th: Christian McDonald – 4pts
7th: Wyatt Patterson – 2pts

July 2nd – Mini GP
August 6th – Mini GP
September 3rd – Mini GP
October 8th – Mini GP
November 5th – Grand Prix Final


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