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K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results

Starting out the second season in 2012 at the K1Speeds Ontario Junior event, we would like to thank Revin Easley, Talin Easley, CY Turner, Tucker Turner, Zayne Turner, Lola Fitzgerald, and Sydney Becker for their participation as we begin a fresh season. Right at the green flag these racers showed their excitement for the sport as the qualifying race produced some very competitive times. Five of the seven racers qualified within a second and a half from each other. Setting the time to beat, Revin qualified first at an impressive 28.924. Following right behind, at a 29.624 CY Turner qualified second. At third, Talin with a 30.064. Tucker grabbed the fourth qualifying spot at 30.505, just one hundredth of a second ahead of Zayne pulling fifth with a 30.516. Lola attained the sixth spot running a 34.15, and Sydney qualified seventh with a 38.405

1st Revin Easley 28.924 +2 fast qual
2nd Cy Turner 29.624
3rd Talin Easley 30.064
4th Tucker Turner 30.505
5th Zayne Turner 30.516
6th Lola Fitzgerald 34.15
7th Sydney Becker 38.405

With the qualifying positions locked in and the racers eager to begin the final race, our July Jr League final is off at the drop of the green flag. Tightly packed, each racer sticks to their race line defending their positions with each turn. Jumping at the first opportunity, Talin passes CY in the 3rd lap as he takes the back turning sequence a little too aggressively leaving space inside. Though the rest of the race presented no position changes, there was a lot of battling in the middle of the pack! For the remainder of the race, Tucker pursued Cy with exceptional determination. Bumper to bumper, Tucker did everything he could to pass Cy, yet Cy kept incredible focus on the track ahead as well as Tucker just inches behind. Finishing on cruse control, Revin Easley took First place for Ontario’s July Grand Prix. Second place Talin, Third CY, Fourth Tucker, fifth Zayne, Sixth Lola, and Seventh Sydney. Thanks to all of our enthusiastic participation and safe driving, the second half of the K1 Ontario 2012 Junior League started out excitingly also with a lot of competition anticipated in the events to come.

Final Pts.
1st Revin Easley +14+2FastQual =16
2nd Talin Easley +12
3rd Cy Turner +10
4th Tucker Turner +8
5th Zayne Turner +6
6th Lola Fitzgerald +4
7th Sydney becker +2

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