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K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results

Return racers Revin, Cy, and Talin begin Ontario’s August final in the 1,2, and 3 positions. Starting out the final with a very clean grean flag each racer holds position very well. No racers were able to make a pass till the 6th lap Talin makes a move. Right on Cy’s tail, Talin makes a pass as Cy swings just a little to wide around the final turn before the checkered line. Running the fastest lap times in the final race, Talin spends the final laps closing in on first position Revin Easley. Without any passing in the back of the field for the remainder of the race, Talin continues hot pursuit of his older brother. Luckly for Revin, he passed the checkerd line finishing the race just four thenths of a second ahead of Talin Easley.

Final results: Revin 1st, Talin 2nd, Cy 3rd, Zayne 4th, and Lola 5th.


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