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K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results

The September Junior league event for Ontario begins with Revin Talin and Cy heading the pack. As these three typically start out in the front, the battle for first is all the more fierce as they all have grown wise to each other’s driving style, which proves to make an interesting event. At the back end of the pack an equally intense matchup between Tucker and Zayne holding closely to each other fighting for position. Keeping ahead by merely half a second, Tucker displays a solid driving line to hold position ahead of Zayne, yet rewarded by determination Zayne gains the 4th position by the tenth lap to finish the race out. Meanwhile, the front three have displayed a race with some exciting changes. Starting out the race very aggressively, Talin pulls out in front of Revin by the 3rd lap. At this point in the season, Revin has not seen second place which made Talin driving display all the more impressive. The race continues with Talin slowly pulling further out in first place while Cy is tight on Revins heels. By the next lap, Cy has an opening and passes Revin to gain the second position. Positons remain the same for the rest of the race while Tucker tightly pursues Zayne, Revin fights to catch up with Cy, and Talin cruses across the finish line over eighteen seconds ahead of second place. Congratulations to the Jr Grand Prix Winner, Talin Easley, and thanks to all of the participants for making Septembers installment and exciting race at K1Speed Ontario.


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