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K1 Speed Ontario – Round 1 Results of the New Super Track Challenge GP Season!

13 July 2009

There was great turnout for the first race of the new Challenge GP season on the reconfigured Super Track at K1 Speed Ontario! We were pleasantly surprised to see that roughly half of the racers were newcomers to the Super Track format, and those competitors introduced an element of uncertainty to the event! There is no room for mistakes on the newly configured tracks at Ontario, which feature a host of technical turns, so all of the competitors, experienced and novice alike, were on a level playing field! After the qualifying sessions, John Tanaka, who qualified on pole and is a Challenge GP champion, described the new track layout best when he said “there’s no time to relax out there, you’re constantly doing something, always setting yourself up for the next turn.”

The B Main race, which is determined by the final qualifying positions, was very competitive, though there were a few collisions that prompted some drivers to resort to retaliation. Admittedly, the action made for a very exciting race to watch! The winner of the B main went to Devin Lindsey, beating second place Chris Weaver by a dominating 6.89 seconds! Michael Byrne finished in third place to take the final position on the podium. All three drivers performed well, and we expect to see them compete in some A Main events in the future.

The A Main had a lot of new faces in it, but the fastest driver was able to rise to the top, and John Tanaka did just that. John started on pole and never looked back, beating the field by 6.45 seconds and setting the fastest lap of the session at 53.16 seconds! Finishing in second place was Garrett Regan, who tried his best on the first lap to pressure John into making a mistake, but was unable to make a pass. Brody Roa was able to take third place, ahead of Russ McGrane in fourth and Frank Hsu in fifth. John continues to impress with his driving and has started off the season on strong footing against some very competent newcomers. We look forward to seeing more new faces for the next Ontario Super Track Challenge GP race on August 9th – it looks like it will be a great race if this weekend’s event is any indication!

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