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K1 Speed Phoenix Challenge GP 1 2K13 – Season 1

The first qualifier allowed our racers to size up the competition and put on their race faces. Each driver got to check under the hood and kick the tires, so to speak, as they tested themselves on the Phoenix track.

The second qualifier of the night showed just how exciting the 2013 GP season is going to be. Race times drastically improved this time around as the adrenaline was pumping, especially with Cole who killed it with a very impressive 23.782!

The evening’s final did not disappoint by any means. Rudy and Juan spent the first half of this sixteen lap finale battling over every inch of track. Juan took control half-way through lap 9 when Rudy spun out trying to take the inside on a turn. Rudy’s focus and solid driving put him back in third by the end of the race however. David couldn’t seem to catch a break during the final after a very strong showing on the evening. Cole seemed to have the race in-hand until Robert’s determination put him bumper to bumper with Cole through the last three laps. Just half a kart decided the outcome as Robert finally got his chance to steal first place on the home stretch. However…Cole managed to hold on just enough to cross the finish line first. Exciting!! February should be interesting!!


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