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K1 Speed Phoenix Challenge GP Results

The top qualifier in K1 Speed Phoenix Challenge GP event was Alec Faubion with a 24.715, followed up by Sean Grimes and Hector Montero. All 3 of these racers were first time GP racers here in PHX. In the final event Alec jumped out to a big lead after taking the pole. In lap 2 Cole Loftsgard jumped from 4th position, into 3rd and Hector took over the 2 spot. In turn 1 of lap 7, Cole took the inside on Hector and moved into 2nd position but was having trouble in some lap traffic closing the gap on Alec the leader. With 3 laps to go, Alec started feeling some of the affects of the lap traffic and Cole closed the gap to less than a car length. Heading into turn 3 with less than 2 laps to go, Gary Every blew a tire which caused Alec to catch him in turn 4 and force him outside. Cole chose the inside of Gary and chose wisely. Cole jumped into first position heading into the final turn with 1 lap to go. Cole ended up holding Alec off and it finished Cole Loftsgard, Alec Faubion, and Hector Montero in that order.

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