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K1 Speed Phoenix Junior League Results

K1 Speed in Phoenix, Arizona is the place to race and the K1 Speed Junior/Youth Challenge GP race series is back for 2012 at the best indoor kart racing facility in the Southwest. A large number of drivers were on hand to start off the 2012 race season for both the Youth class (adult karts) and Junior class (kid karts) with a number of drivers showing they have what it takes to make a podium appearance. Qualifying would be a single race giving drivers the opportunity to post the best possible lap time for positions and set the fields for the nights main events. The top qualifiers would have their work cut out for them after the dust cleared with Jace Boon leading the field in the kid karts with a fast lap of 32.458 seconds and Ian Morse would grab the pole position in the Youth class with a lap time of 27.849 seconds setting the pace for the field.

The Junior class would be out on track first for their main event with Jace Boon on pole to lead the field into turn one on the Formula 1 style start. Alexander Lynch would follow closely to battle with Jace while the rest of the field fell in line to set the pace. Both drivers would take each-other out within a few turns leaving the door open for Jarrett Anderson and Cale Kamierczak to take over the top two spots and battle with each-other for the lead. Jarrett would get loose late in the race giving up the lead to Cale who swung wide to avoid Jarrett, Jarrett would end up dropping down to 8th to finish out his night. Cale would be followed by Marcus Finks who was moving up in the field to take over the second spot, meanwhile Alexander had recovered from his early race incident moving from 10th up to 4th. to finish out his night. The top three would end up being Cale Kamierczak taking the win followed by Marcus Finks in second with Jory Boon closing out the top three.

Youth class (adult karts) would finish out the night with most of the action happening between 2nd and 3rd place once the green flag dropped on the Formula 1 style standing start. Pole setter Ian Morse would get out into clean air early and take advantage of an open track to put some distance between him and the rest of the field. Meanwhile Drew Anderson who was in 2nd place and Cahlei Schildts in 3rd would put on a show for everyone to watch. The only other action would be Chris Tabares spending most of the race trying to move around drivers and making his way to third but spun out when he wasn’t able to make it stock and he would drop back to 5th to close out his night. The rest of the field would look like they were happy with where they were and the top three would finish out with Ian Morse taking the win with Drew Anderson finishing in second and Cahlei Schildts rounding out the top three on the podium.

With a great kick off to the 2012 race season for the Junior/Youth league in Phoenix, Arizona this is going to be the place to race this season for the younger generation of racers. Come out for our next race March 6th and see what the action is all about.

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