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K1 Speed Phoenix Junior/Teen League Results

Junior League: Alison Hansen and Jory Boon got together in turn 1 spinnig out resulting in them dropping to the back of the pack. Alex Nguyen moved up three spot to finsih third on the podium. He took over this spot on lap 2 when the crash in turn 1 happened. Blake Presley qualified for the A-Main tonight for his personal best finish of 4th place. Bryce Hollen lost 2 spots when he went to wide into a turn and collided with another racer resulting in him spinning out with 4 laps to go and wasn’t able to catch up to gain any positions back. Alexander Lynch stayed out front the entire race, with 2 laps to go Cale Kazmierczak tried to pass Alex on the back straight away but bumped into the wall unable to make the pass.

Teen League: The race ran in the same order it started. Chris lapped Marcus Finks after spinning out on Lap 8. In order; Chris Tabares, Caheli Schildts and Marcus Finks.


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