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K1 Speed Phoenix Youth/Junior League Results

Youth league:
After qualifying in first position Chris Tabares was leading the youth race by 8 car lengths going into lap 13 where he was beginning to catch lap traffic. Coming out of turn 4 in lap 13 Cahlei Schlidts final had caught his tail, by the time they were through turn 5, Cahlei had made her move and taken over the lead from Chris. The podium finish was Cahlei Schlidts in 1st, Chris Tabares in 2nd, and Marcus Finks in 3rd.

Junior League:
What a great turnout for the Junior League here in PHX. We had 13 participants with a few first time league participants as well. Cale Kazmierczak took the pole after qualifying with Alison Hansen in 2nd and Alexander Lynch in 3rd position. It didn’t take long for the craziness to begin. We had a Texas start along with one driver spinning out another basically taking all 3 individuals right out of the running for the podium. This made it a 3 person race. Cale and Alison were out to big leads and held there positions right through the finish line to end up in 1st and 2nd position. Kylan Faubion, younger brother of our Adult GP winner Alec finished up.


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