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K1 Speed Redmond holds 4th Challenge GP

K1 Speed in Redmond held its 4th Challenge GP race of the 6 race series Tuesday night, full of die hard K1 racers from the Seattle, Washington region. Qualifying remained tight, even though he current points leader Javier Cantu-Lucerp dominated, posting a 17.878 second lap to grab the pole position. He was followed by Jake Preston who qualified in second with a 18.158 second lap time, and Luke Hopton would keep things close by qualifying in third with a lap time of 18.366.

The 16 lap main event would remain close with the drivers all qualifying withing half a second of each other. When the green flag dropped for the tightly packed rolling, start Javier would slowly creep away from the pack that was working to chase him down. Javier was able to run away from everyone, off posting very consistent high 17 second lap times, and almost putting the entire field of drivers down one lap. The battle for second and third between Jake and Luke would go on through-out the entire race. Jake started out in second with Luke right on his bumper the entire race, with just 2 laps to go Luke found a small opening in turn three and took advantage passing Jake on the inside to finish out in second, with Luke finishing in third.

With another dominating performance from Javier in this 6 race series will anyone be able to catch him? The overall points battle is winding down with just 2 races to go and the racing action is going strong. Come check out Redmond’s best electric indoor kart racing action, as the next Challenge GP event is being held May 11th. With this series being an open event, everyone is encouraged to come out and join in on the fun!

  • Khalifa

    Oh my record has been broken , it should be the new tires(Sakamoto) arrived to K1 Speed Redmond

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