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K1 Speed Sacramento Challenge GP 1 2K13 – Season 1

K1 Speed Sacramento’s first Challenge GP race featured many drivers who will likely find their way to the top of the K1RS leaderboard. This was a fast race with lap times well under 30 seconds! We were still running the gas powered fleet, so it will be interesting to see our racers adapt to the new, high powered, electric karts.

The A-Main was no surprise as Justyn Cox took the win but in the B-Main Mindy McCord surprised even herself beating out Mario Castellanos by a nose. The two battled it out for top position in the last few laps of the race, trading first and second before Mindy claimed ultimate victory!

We’re excited to have our new electric karts from Italy into our Sacramento center. We would love to hear feedback from our customers comparing gas to electric. Please email [email protected]


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