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K1 Speed San Antonio Challenge GP 2 2K13 – Season 2

First Challenge GP at our newest in San Antonio is in the books. We’re excited see the outcome of Season 2!

A main: The racers snaked out of every turn following the lines, feeling the track under their tires. Then BAM!!! On the third lap around turn 1 they went three wide. Hunter Hughes pulled out ahead, followed by Ryan and Blaine. Ryan and Blaine were going rounds, but around the sixth lap Ryan pulled ahead. RJ Spindel did a great job beating our 23 second lap time with top lap being 22.999.

B main: WOAH!!! CHRIS BARNES NEW FACILITY RECORD!!! Not only did he break it once but twice. First to break our 23 second lap with 22.9. Then turning right around and breaking it again with a 22.75. Congrats going out to Chris. That is not the only excitement from this race! Even with Chris’s phenomenal run, the gap between him and second place, Miles Hall, was only 1.26 seconds.

C main: Neck and neck start, and all out battle for first from Luis Carriles and Enrique Quinones. The competitive race almost got the best of Luis; when the two competitors went to to lap Fernando in lap 13. But he held it together and won it with only a 2 second gap.

After a really great start Jonathan Tristan blew away the competition. Brian had a better start but Jonathan’s consistency in lap time not only allowed him the fastest qualifier for this heat but he also had a great eleventh lap with a 23.64 lap time. Luciano and Rionelle ran side by side battling it out for our 3rd place lap time. Rionelle ran faster than Luciano, but just not fast enough to pass him. Racers are excited for the next Challenge GP to improve their times.


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