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K1 Speed San Diego holds 4th GP

It was a great night of racing action as K1 Speed in San Diego held its fourth Challenge GP Race in the 6 race series. With many returning faces in house to battle it out at the renowned Carlsbad track, along with a large number of new people to take on the K1 Speed Challenge, the nights racing would be intense. The qualifying rounds saw many of the well-known drivers on top, as Khalifa Alasiri would shatter the reverse track configuration single lap record posting a 25.468 lap time, beating out Jordan Robinson who would start in second place for the A Main with a lap time of 25.814 seconds. Long time K1 Carlsbad racer Matt Merrill came out for the first time in months, qualifying in third with a lap time of 26.022 seconds, and he was closely followed by Kirk Messe with a lap time of 26.146 seconds. The rest of the field remained tight as they were all qualified within .75 seconds of each other making for one of the tightest qualified groups we’ve had yet.

The race started out with the entire field in a close single file rolling start, as Khalifa would lead the racers into turn one. For the first 2 laps the entire group freight-trained around the track but Khalifa would eventually pull away from the pack, and remain in front for the entire race. There was a great battle between Jordan, Matt, and Kirk all fighting for a better position as the laps counted down. Matt and Kirk got a slight jump on Jordan at the start, but that didn’t stop Jordan as he got into a groove and started working his way back up behind Kirk. All three drivers were running a pace that had a very slight margin between them, at times just being about 3 to 4 tenths apart from each other. Matt would end up holding off Kirk, and Jordan, taking the second spot on the podium with Kirk finishing out in third. Jordan was sitting right off Kirks back bumper at the checked flag and might have caught him if he had another lap. The rest of the field exchanged positions back and forth with long time customer Emilio Garcia racing in the Carlsbad Challenge GP for the first time, along with some other new faces keeping good pace with the other seasoned group of drivers.

The B main hosted a number of new faces as well, with many of them giving the K1 Speed a try for the first time. Qualifying was close, as Waylen Quarles would be on the pole with a lap time of 26.690 seconds. He was followed by William Hasting who posted a lap time of 26.868 seconds, and Micah Thompson would round out the top three with a time of 27.089 seconds. Before the pack would come around for the green flag, there was a small incident in the back of the pack, as a couple of drivers got sideways during the pace lap on cold tires, and would have to work to catch the field as they came around for the start. Waylen brought the pack around and everyone would come down the front straight-away and make turn one look like the 405 freeway in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon. The drivers would eventually get themselves situated better and began spacing out a bit. Three laps into the main, Waylen found himself in a battle with William for the top spot on the podium for the entire race, with William waiting to make his move. On lap 9 Micah got sideways out of the famed tear-drop turn, and would get passed by Jared Durbin and Justin Tolman who were having their own battle for 4th and 5th. Micah was able to collect the kart and get it pointed in the right direction before the rest of the field caught up with him, but was unable to better the position he was in. Waylen would hold off William for the win, as William had fallen off the pace a bit, but was still able to take home second place. Jared Durbin remained in third even though Justin did not make it easy for him and made sure Jared had to work for the position. Note-able driver was Krystal Wright, who is the first female to participate in the Challenge GP race series this year. Krystal has spent the better part of the last week learning the track configuration, and came in to give the Challenge GP race a try. With this being only her 4th appearance at K1, she ran a great race and was able to keep pace with most of the other drivers after getting use to the reverse configuration.

The K1 Speed Challenge GP Series has only 2 races left at the Carlsbad location. With more new faces showing up the points chase is getting close between the top 5 drivers. If your interested in coming out and racing the best indoor racing karts in San Diego our next event will be May 23rd. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as we are updating our pages weekly with event information at all locations.


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