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K1 Speed Santa Clara Challenge GP 1 2K13 – Season 2

It was the first GP of the season and what a great turn out! 18 racers and most of them new to the GP. The first heat of the first qualifier started out with Scott, Kevin, and James taking a strong lead over the competition with Sonny and Nick not too far behind. At about the 7th lap James and Nick were neck and neck for the top spots.The top three for this race end up being James, Scott, and Nick. The second heat for the first qualifier it took a while to space out but half way through the racers settled into their spots with Jonathan, Roddy, Luis in first, second, and third. with 3 laps left Jonathan and Luis in first and second. With 2 laps left Jonathan stays in first and Roddy takes second from Luis. Last lap Jonathan takes first and Donnae comes in and swoops second place leaving Roddy in third.

The first heat of the second qualifier started off with Scott, Kevin, and James in the lead. It’s a close race with the placing constantly switching up. Scott, Kevin, Alex, Nick, Sonny, and James all hitting 23s. The top 3 of the race end up being Scott, Kevin, and Alex. The second heat of the second qualifier began with Roddy, Luis, and Jonathan with a strong lead. The placing switched up constantly throughout the race but Roddy, Luis, Jonathan end up in first, second, and third.

Donnae, Nick, Sonny, and Felix start off in the top 4 spots in the first heat of the final race. Donnae quickly took a big lead leaving Nick, Sonny, and Felix to battle it out. Nick stayed strong and kept his position. Sonny was passed by Felix in the 9th lap. Nick was spun out in the last lap and was passed by Felix. First place for this race went to a newcomer to the GP Donnae, second place went to Felix, and third place went to Nick. In the second heat of the final race The line up started off with Roddy, Scott, Luis, and Jonathan. Jonathan is quickly on Roddy’s tail with both of them taking a huge lead, leaving Scott in third. In the 10th lap Jonathan gets a track record of 22.918 seconds but was still in second place. With only 3 laps left Roddy was spun out and Jonathan took the lead. In the last lap Derek passed Scott, leaving this final with Jonathan in first, Roddy in second, and Derek in third.


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