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K1 Speed Santa Clara Challenge GP 4 2K13 – Season 1

This GP Challenge had a change of pace. The competitors took on the familiar Santa Clara track in an unfamiliar fashion: reverse. In the first Qualifier James L. quickly takes the lead over Roddy Balanga in lap 2 followed closely by Scott Borgia. James Gouveia takes the lead in the 5th lap but is soon overtaken by Jonathan Sarceda. James Laeno quickly regains fastest lap. With only 7 laps left James L. , Jonathan, and Roddy battled it out for the top 3 places. Brian gets up to 1st place in the final 2 laps with Roddy trying to get back into the top 3 places. with only 1 lap left Roddy is back in 3rd place. Finally finishing wtih Brian, Jonathan, and Roddy in the top 3.

The competition heated up in round 2 as the racers battled it out for racing positions in the final. James G., Jonathan, and Kevin quickly take the lead in the first lap. Roddy speeds up to take 1st place, trailed by James L. and Brian. Halfway through the race Jonathan takes 3rd. The race wrapped up with Roddy, in first James L. in second, Jonathan in third, and Scott in fourth.

The final lineup starts with Roddy, followed by James L., followed by Jonathan for the top 3. They take off with Roddy taking a strong lead and Scott right on Jonathans tail for a position in the top 3. With only 5 laps left Scott passes Jonathan. With only 2 laps remaining Scott gets into second place by overtaking Jonathan. Jonathan then passes James L. in the final lap, leaving us with a top 4 of Roddy, Scott, Jonathan, and James L.


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