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K1 Speed Santa Clara Challenge GP 5 2K13 – Season 1

Jonathan quickly took the lead in the first qualifier followed closely by James and Scott. In the fourth lap Jonathan was passed by James. Roddy was close behind in fourth place. With only 6 laps left Brian took fourth place from Roddy and Jonathan took first place from James. In Lap 13 Scott took first place and the race finished up with Scott in first Jonathan in second and Brian in third.

It wasn’t until about the third lap that everyone finally started settling into their places. Scott, Roddy, and James quickly took first second and third closely followed by Kevin in fourth. With only three laps left Roddy is the first and only racer in this qualifier to hit a 23, taking the lead from Scott. The race finished with Roddy coming in first, Scott in Second, and James in third.

The top four lineup for the final race was Roddy, Scott, Jonathan, and James. As they took off Roddy was spun out before completing his first lap. That left Scott in the lead trailed by Jonathan and James. With nine laps left James passed Jonathan. Roddy who had been put in last place after the spin out was not going to settle for that and passes Richard to take seventh place with only three laps left. It was an exciting and close race that left Scott in first, James in second, and Jonathan in third.


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