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K1 Speed Santa Clara Challenge GP 5 Results

In the practice round Rick Kane took the lead by passing Roddy & Jonathan & kept the lead the entire race with the time of 23.84. In the qualifier round Roddy passed Rick in the 3rd lap and in the 7th lap Jonathan passed Rick & held his position in second & Roddy leading and finished in first with the time of 23.58. In the final round, Roddy pulled away from everyone with the lead the entire race. Rick Kane started in 3rd position and in the 5th lap Rick passed Jonathan for 2nd spot and held his position as 2nd.

In the B-Main there were a lot of new racers, David Tchankot and Ivane Zazunish went side by side passing each other multiple times but in the 4th lap David finally passed Ivane and help lead the rest of the race finishing with the time of 24.54 as the best lap time.


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