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K1 Speed Santa Clara Challenge GP 6 2K13 – Season 1

In the first qualifier Scott Borgia locks in his 1st place spot right from the start with Jonathan close behind. The top 3 in this race were Scott, Jonathan, and Nick.

The racers took off with a competitive energy. In the third lap Scott took a strong lead being the first to get in the 23s but he was closely followed by Jonathan and Roddy. With only 7 laps left Nick takes third place from Jonathan. It was a very close race with all the top 4 racers getting times within the 23s. The race ended with Scott in first, Roddy in second, Nick in third, and Jonathan in fourth.

In the final Scott quickly secures a strong lead. A newcomer to the league, Alex Velasco, raced smart and tailed Scott, but he was closely followed by Jonathan and Roddy. With only four laps left Alex takes the lead from Scott by swiftly passing him on a turn. In the last two laps Jonathan passed Scott, maneuvering himself into second. With only seconds left in the race Roddy took third. Surprise newcomer Alex took first in the last race of this season with Jonathan and Roddy taking second and third place. It was an exciting race that proved that the with enough skill, thought and luck, the final can be anyone’s race.


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