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K1 Speed Santa Clara Challenge GP Results for Season 1

K1 Speed in Santa Clara, California held its final round of their Challenge GP Race Series this past Sunday, with a full house of drivers all after a podium finish and a number of drivers after the points championship. Double qualifying rounds would see Jonathan Sarceda grab the pole position with a single lap time of 22.790 seconds, setting the pace for the rest of the field who would fall in just a few tenths off his pace.

The nights main would be an intense race with Jonathan leading the field into turn one with Ryan Cougill and Geon McKenzie giving chase and immediately putting pressure on the lead positions. Unfortunately Ryan and Geon would get into each other in a corner battling for second and both drivers would drop out of the top three. Tat gave Scott Levin and Rick Kane a chance to jump up from their fourth and fifth place starting positions, with Scott taking over second and Rich into third. Ryan Cougill would work his way back into fourth to finish out his night with Geon down in seventh. The rest of the field would shuffle around a bit but no other drivers were able to catch up to the leaders. The checkered flag would come out and Jonathan Sarceda would go on for the win with Scott Levin taking second and Ryan Cougill rounding out the top three.

The overall championship would be determined by this final round of racing and Ryan Cougill would end up taking the overall win for the series with Rick Kane in second and Nelson Rosa would take third in the overall standings. Congratulations to our winners and be on the look out for the schedule to be posted for the second half of the season which will include new track layout for most locations and the addition of the Austin, Texas and the league will also be returning back to our Seattle Washington location as well!

Click here to view the updated schedule for the 2nd half of 2012


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