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K1 Speed Santa Clara Jr. League 5 Results

Ayden Aldor started from the top qualifying position and had a gap after lap 1. Michael Volpe passed Hayden Padilla and Jovy Levin on the next lap and made a move to catch Ayden. Hayden held 3rd and Jovy followed in 4th. Michael was soon challenging Ayden by lap 4. He just couldn’t find room to pass and Ayden made sure to hold the lead finishing the final race of the season in first. Also by doing so, Ayden went from a tie for second overall to win the second half championship.

Final standings for the end of the season, 1st Ayden Aldor (56 pts), 2nd Hayden Padilla (52 pts.) and 3rd Peyton Sias (46 pts.)


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