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K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results for May

K1 Speed in Santa Clara is the place to race with the growing popularity of the Junior/Youth Challenge GP race league for young racers of the bay area. The top young indoor kart racers were at it again this past week creating a very full field of drivers in the Junior class (drivers 4′-4’10”). Famous Rhodes has been dominating the class over the last few months having landed another pole position this past week for the nights A-Main.

With the main set the drivers would set up for the standing start and drag race down into turn one when the green flag was thrown. Famous would take advantage of his pole position start and get out in front of the rest of the field quickly and put some distance between himself and the rest of the field. The rest of the field would try to play catch up and towards the end second and third place qualifiers Peyton Sias and Jovy Levin had regained some ground to tighten up the top three for the last lap. Famous would hold them off and take the win, with Peyton Sias taking second and Jovy would hang onto third to cap off the top three on the podium.

With the final race set for June it will be a race to the end for the overall points championship. Come join us June 5th for the final round of racing action for the first half of the 2012 Junior/Youth Challenge GP Race League, as the final race will be set up in full Grand-Prix race format with a practice round, a qualifying round and corresponding main event rounds.See you in June!

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