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K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP 1 2K13 – Season 2

A new track layout welcomed the drivers back to Seattle for season two Challenge GP round one, and after qualifying was all said and done the times were very close. However, it was past season champ Garrett Foss securing the pole position, followed closely by surprisingly fast newcomer Michael Perkins sitting 2nd and RJ Napitupulu would finish 3rd fastest. It was very interesting to watch how many different lines drivers would take as they worked to figure out the new track.

As the A-main went green, Foss lead the pack in to turn one and through the chicane and immediately battles began all throughout. Foss however got a very good run out of turn two and pulled a slight lead. Napitpulu went to work trying to pass Perkins, but was having no luck in the early stages as he just couldnt seem to find the run he needed to make a pass stick. Directly behind Rj was the very fast pair of Paul Zhao and Carter Harris who were back and forth in a race of their own for 4th. Down the stretch Zhao eventually got the upper hand and would make his final move securing 4th for the finish. Meanwhile, perhaps the most exciting racing to watch was between positions 6th through 9th between Chris Holt, Peter Callender , Adrian Corona and Jie Jake. These 4 were absolutely going at it. Not one of them had a clear advantage at any point on the track. However, a costly late race mistakey J. Jake would cause him to lose the pack and drift back, eventually losing the lead lap to Foss. Holt, Corona and Callender were literally inches apart the from green to checkers.

At the end, it was however young Chris Holt who would hold on to win the fight and bring home 6th in his first race. Very impressive, considering he is only 13, racing in our adult league and battling with the best drivers we have here. In fact, all of the new drivers tonight were very impressive and showed some real speed. As the laps wound down, Napitupulu would finally get the run he’d been working all race for on Michael Perkins out of the chicane on to the straight and would take over 2nd place where he would stay for the final 4 laps. As the race came to a close, Garrett Foss would grab another win, RJ Napitupulu 2nd, Michael Perkins 3rd, Paul Zhao 4th, Carter Harris 5th, Chris Holt 6th, Adrian Corona 7th, Peter Callender 8th and Jie Jake 9th. As close as the racing was, anyone could easily win at some point. It will be fun to watch this one play out.


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