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K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP

K1 Speed in Seattle Washington hosted round one of their Challenge GP Race series last Sunday. The season opener brought on new challenges with the recent track changes, making drivers work for the number one qualifying spot. Luke Hopton took the top qualifying spot with a 17.347 second lap time, he was followed by Thomas Kraft with a 17.72 second lap time. Saundra Price took the third qualifying position with a 17.936 second lap time.

The main event for the night was pretty straight laced. The green flag rolling start brought the drivers down the main straight away in freight train fashion and it would stay that way the entire race with Luke taking the win followed by Thomas and Saundra finishing in the same positions they qualified in.

The season opener is just the beginning of this six race series, and will five more rounds to go this could be any ones game for the overall points leader.

Don’t miss round II on September 12th, which drivers will be battling it out again for the top spot on the podium.

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