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K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP 3 2K13 – Season 1

The A main kicked off with Patrick O’leary having the early lead over Theo Mechain and Garrett Foss, who were followed closey by Ricky Hendrson, Terrell Broomer and Chris Roberts. O’Leary would hold the lead for the first few laps while the drivers behind him began to battle in the infield sections of the track. Mechain would come under fire from Foss coming on to the back stretch and lose 2nd place early and nearly slip back to third as the hard charging Ricky Henderson would begin to pressure him, looking for any room to sneak by. Mechain would turn it up a bit though and begin to pull away back toward the front two. Midway through the race Garrett had caught up to the #10 kart of Patrick O’leary and began to look for a way by.

They ran bumper to bumper for a few laps, and then Foss pulled off a pass with yet another run out of the final turn on to the back stretch and would go by heading in to turn one. Foss was now leading, followed closely by O’leary who was now also under pressure from Theo Mechain. Mechain would pull off a pass very nearly identical to Garretts’ pass on O’leary and move up to the number two spot where he would remain until the checkers. Behind the front two, there was an intense battle going on between Terrell Broomer, Ricky Henderson and Patrick O’leary for the 3rd position. The three were locked together bumper to bumper for several laps making for an exciting race to watch. Eventually though Henderson would make a pass that stuck on O’leary through the chicane section and move to 3rd where he would finish. Patrick definitely put up a good fight for it though as he remained right on the bumper of Henderson for the closing laps, ready to pounce at the slightest bobble.

At the checkers it was Garrett Foss with a comfortable margin, followed by Theo Mechain, Ricky Henderson, Patrick O’leary, Terrell Broomer and Chris Roberts who was making his first GP start. With regulars Dana and Jayce Glenn being forced to sit this round out, it broke the tie in points for the top two spots. Garrett Foss now leads by 4 points over Theo Mechain solidly in 2nd. The Glenn brothers however remain tied for 3rd even after missing this round, but now have several drivers within earshot of stealing the final championship slot from them.


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