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K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Results – Aug. 5, 2012

Sea Fair Sunday welcomed the racers back to K1 Speed Seattle for the 2nd round of the 2012 Challenge GP series. Many of the heavy hitters still showed to do battle, and it sure was a good one. This time around it was RJ Napitupulu who was able to secure the number one qualifying position with a time of 16.921, just besting the likes of Dana “The Dude” Glenn and Hans Malzar who had times of 17.031 and 17.1, respectively in their qualifiers and snagging the 2 bonus points awarded for number one qualifier. As the drivers took the green flag and headed for turn one, it was RJ Napitupulu with the lead followed closely by Glenn, Malzar, Brandan Hammock, 14 year old Jordan Walker and Keith Witt. Glenn immediately began searching for a way around Napitupulu, and as they entered turn two it was RJ to the inside and “The Dude” running the outside lane, allowing Malzar to close in to both drivers’ rear bumper and nearly make a pass on Glenn. RJ Napitupulu managed to stay in control of the lead through the remainder of the infield and on to the back stretch, but Glenn would sneak to the inside coming in to the final turn and made a pass but in the process slide wide and RJ retaliated immediately and the two drivers again went two wide in to turn one, allowing Malzar to close in and join the battle for the top spot with the talented Brandan Hammock in tow. This same 2 wide 3 kart battle for the lead would continue for the next 6 laps.

Meanwhile, Keith Witt and young Jordan Walker who was making his first appearance this season were locked in fearce battle for the number 5 spot, with Walker eventually able to find his groove and distance himself slightly over Witt and gain a bit of ground on Hammock. At the halfway point, Dana was able to make his last pass on Napitupulu, but the battle was not over. RJ would make several runs up the inside of Glenn,nearly passing him several times, but just wasnt quite able to squeeze by. Malzar meanwhile was sitting comfortably in 3rd, a mere 2 kart lengths behind RJ. The two drivers battled until the checkered flag with Dana “The Dude” Glenn taking his second win of the season by only 1.2 seconds over RJ Napitupulu in 2nd. Hans Malzar would bring home 3rd place and gain valuable points and move up in the standings. Jordan Walker would cross the line 4th, well earned after a mid race bobble would send him back to 6th and having to race his way back up. Brandan “Chili” Hammock finished 5th, Keith Witt 6th. Both Keith and Brandan are showing huge improvements on lap times over the previous rounds, and will soon be in contention as well. The points gap however, remains the same for the top two spots with just 4 points seperating Glenn and Napitupulu. Big movers on the day however points wise were Malzar and Hammock who moved up three places each in the standings.


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