K1 Speed Seattle – May 2009 Challenge GP Results

01 June 2009

K1 Speed Seattle - May 2009 Challenge GP Results
Despite the beautiful spring weather (which in a city known for its rain, people take advantage of) and a seemingly insurmountable gap in points between second and first place, we still had several enthusiastic competitors show up for the penultimate round of the 2009 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP season! Not surprisingly, our current points leader Sean Naslund started the race from Pole Position and ran away from the competition at the start, easily taking home the checkered flag on the top of the podium. Randy Olivarez put up a good fight after initially dropping back to 3rd place at the beginning of the race, and was able to pass Javier Cantu-Lucero to finish in 2nd place. Unfortunately, Randy faces an impossible task ahead with only one race left in the season, as Sean now has a commanding lead of 13 points. Like Michael Schumacher before him, it appears that Sean may be crowned Champion before the season even finishes!

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