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K1 Speed Torrance – Challenge GP

K1 Speed in Torrance California, held its second Challenge GP race this past Sunday playing host to a packed house full of drivers, all looking for that number one podium spot. Qualifying remained straight forward as the usual faces took to the concrete surfaced track an showed their driving abilities are just as good on the slick track as they are on asphalt. John Tanaka would take the overall pole position for the night posting a 26.642 second lap time. He was followed by Edward Bergenholtz posting a 26.644 second lap time and Tyler Pope would close out the top 3 qualifiers with a 26.88 second lap.

The C Main drivers would start out the main events of the evening, with Jon Fitzsimmons on pole for the rolling start. Jon brought the group around followed closely by Ryan Widner in second, and Christopher Burrows in third. Jon would pull away at the start and the pack would separate out early leaving Ryan and Christopher comfortably in their qualifying positions. At the checkered flag Jon would take the win, followed by Ryan and Christopher staying in their qualifying positions respectively in second and third.

B main race action saw many familiar faces including Khalifa Alasiri who was on pole with a 26.885 second lap, just missing the A main by a few thousandths of a second. Brandon Cruz was just behind Khalifa in second and Tyler Bryant was qualified in third. The green flag would come down and Khalifa would run away from the pack in his usual fashion. The battle for second and third was pretty amazing to watch. Brandon would drop down to 5th and was unable to regain any positions, Tyler moved up into second position and Paul Ciralli would come from a 7th place starting position, to work his way up to third. The podium would see Khalifa in the top spot with Tyler and Paul in second and third to finish out the B main for the night.

A main race action would start with John Tanaka leading the group around for the green flag rolling start and would go unchallenged for 16 laps to take the overall win for the night. Edward Bergenholtz, who has really started to come up on his kart racing game, would finish in second in the same position he qualified in, and Tyler Pope would do the same finishing in third.

This was a great night of racing for all involved, the concrete surface creates a different and unique racing experience for drivers looking for a new challenge around each corner. Come into our Carson based location and see what this facility has to offer.

Don’t miss out on round III coming September 26th.

  • Derek

    Derek Esquibel got third.He qualified sixth at finished in third.

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