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K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP 4 Results

Henry Morse continues his domination of the Torrance GP this season by laying down a solid 26.596 as his qualifying time. This put him solidly on top of the pole for the modest 6-person main. Henry did nothing during the final except for put space between him and the other racers. Michael and Micah held on to 2nd and 3rd for the entire final, and all three of the podium finishers ended up lapping the rest of the field. Randall, who started in 4th started to lose power around lap number 9 and was able to hold on to his position until lap 12 when Craig made his move. His move ended up spinning Randall out, so Craig did the classy thing and let Randal have his position back. The only one who really scored out of that deal was C’Jay who moved out of his 6th place start during the scuffle to take 4th, where he finished.


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