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K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Results

K1 Speed in Torrance California, hosted their third Challenge GP race of the six race series this past Sunday to a full group of racing enthusiasts. The unique concrete racing surface requires drivers to remain on top of their game if they want to be able to stay competitive with this fast paced group of drivers. Qualifying stayed consistent as Michael Arnold would take the overall pole position with a single lap time of 26.641 seconds over Matthew Widner who qualified second with a 26.756 second lap time. Well known GP Participant John Tanaka qualified third for the A main with a 26.787 just a hundredths of a second off Matt’s pace.

The B main would start off the main events for the night with Ken Stewart starting on pole, followed by Paul Ciralli and Josh Smith. The rolling start saw Ken walk away from the group quickly and he never looked back, taking the win in this feature. Paul was unable to gain any ground on Ken but he thankfully did not give up any either to the other drivers remaining in second and finishing the same way he qualified respectfully. Josh Smith would follow Ciralli’s lead but was unable to keep up with Paul’s driving abilities, finishing out the night in third to round out the top three on the podium.

A main racing action had the same results practically with the pole sitter Michael Arnold going wire to wire taking the checkered flag for the win. Matthew Widner remained in his second place starting position and worked all 16 laps to keep anyone from passing him, rewarding him with a second place finish to end his night. John Tanaka would do the same, starting in third for the main and finishing in his same position as he started to cap of the top three finishers. Most of the race battles were mid-field as seventh place qualifier John Perry would take all 16 laps to work his way up to a 4th place finish overall, coming within a few tenths of a second from catching John.

Come out to Round IV of the Challenge GP series for K1 Speed Torrance October 24th and join in on all the racing action. See all official rules and race dates for each location on our main web page.

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  • Alton Arnold

    Alton Arnold won the “A” main and was the pole sitter. John Tanaka started third and ended up in second place. Michael Arnold placed in the “B” main. I finally win an “A” main and Michael gets the credit? LOL!!!

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