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K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Results

K1 Speed in Los Angeles, California held its third round of their Challenge GP race series to close out the month of September last week a mix of new and returning competitors, all looking to take on the unique concrete surfaced layout at the K1 Speed Torrance facility. The tighter more technical track is a challenging course layout as both smooth driving and clean lines are the key to success for a fast lap. Robby Stanovich has been the kid to beat as this young fast driver has good control and puts his abilities to the track to produce lap times that seem to be un-catchable. Robby would once again win the pole position for the nights main event with a 25.532 second lap time setting the pace for the rest of the field for the night.

The main event would have a tight field of drivers all gunning for turn one as Robby lead the field for the green flag rolling start. KC Cook would be hot on Robby’s back bumper, with Trevor Buongiorno just a few clicks off in third with the rest of the field running just behind. The group would remain relatively tight with each-other, not allowing for any position changes for the duration of the race. The checkered flag would come out and Robby would take the win followed by KC in second and Trevor would finish out his night in third to close out the top three.

With the half way spot in the books for the Los Angeles area K1 Speed facility there is still time for drivers to take a shot at a podium finish and make a run for the chase to the championship for the K1 Speed Challenge GP series in Torrance California.


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