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UPDATED: K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Results

Top Qualifier: KC Cook 26.038

1st: KC Cook
2nd: Henry Morse
3rd: Emilio Garcia III
4th: Paul Ciralli
5th: Craig Robertson
6th: Darryl McCrary
7th: Benjamin Morse
8th: Michael Dozier

As always a very competitive race. Started off great, KC cook managed to pull away from the pack very early in the race and not to far back followed by Henry Morse both finishing 1st & 2nd. Paul Ciralli started 3rd but in the middle of the race lost it in turn 3, Henry Morse took advantage to gain the 3rd spot. Paul and Henry later found themselves in a small crash which led Emilio Garcia to regain & finish in 3rd place followed by Paul Ciralli in 4th.

1st: Jake Hernandez
2nd: Bob Hyman
3rd: Mitch Metling
4th: Jacob Flynn
5th: Oleksiy Zabavskyy
6th: Bobby Schacht
7th: Noah Manohar
8th: Brittany Ramirez

Bob Hyman started pole position but couldn’t manage to keep the lead to young Jake Hernandez who took first place. New to the Adult GP Challenge Jacob Flynn, dropped to 4th place from 3rd to Mitch Metling who started the race in 5th place.


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