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K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP Results for May

K1 Speed in Torrance, California hosted round five of their Challenge GP Race Series this past Sunday on a busy holiday weekend, with a number of drivers on hand all going after a podium finish. Some veteran drivers were also on hand to make things interesting. One notable driver on hand was Robby Stanovich who dominated last season, and has been driving in the local outdoor karting series through the Los Angeles Karting Championship and showed he still is a tough contender in arrive and drive racing posting the quickest lap time in qualifying to land in pole position for the nights A-Main with a 25.322 second lap time on the concrete surface layout. The rest of the field would fall in place with a few drivers keeping up with Stanovich’s pace in the later qualifying sessions but were unable to best his lap times.

With the mains set, the B-Main would be out on track first for the green flag rolling start. The field would aggressively make their way around track and would finally settle into their race positions by lap 4 as the field begin to spread out a bit. Jay Kabota would have an unfortunate incident on track which took him out of a top 3 finishing spot down to seventh place before he was able to recover. The laps would wind down and once the checkered flag had come out Michael Arnold would take home the win, followed by Darryl McCrary who would his way up early in the race to take the position. New comer Wills Weimer would round out the top three on the podium in third.

Closing out the night would be the A-Main with Robby Stanovich on pole leading the field into turn one. This would be a pretty tight race with drivers not willing to give up their positions easily. Once drivers settled in there looked to be no chance to catch Stanovich as he would have some distance between himself and the rest of the field to give himself a comfortable lead. With the checkered flag out, Robby Stanovich would take the win, KC Cook would take second, and Emilio Garcia III would cap off the top three respectfully, as the field seemed to all finish in their qualifying positions.

With just one race to go in the series it will come down to the final round at the end of June before ad overall champion will be determined for the Carson, California Location. Come out to our final race on June24th and see what the fun is all about with the K1 Speed Challenge GP Race League.

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