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K1 Speed Torrance Grand Opening – Competitors with Top XP Scores Battle It Out!

09 March 2009

K1 Speed Torrance Grand Opening - Competitors with Top XP Scores Battle It Out

To celebrate the grand opening of our new location in Torrance, we invited our Top 50 competitors out for food and prizes, friendly competition, and a day of racing, all free of charge. On March 7th, 2009, our top 50 racers (based on XP score results) had the privilege of being the first to see our new track in Torrance. The lack of familiarity made for some great racing, as everyone was essentially starting from scratch, competing on a level playing field. Setting the top time required learning the nuances of the new track layout as much as outright racing skills.

Each of our Top 50 racers competed in four races and saw plenty of seat time on the new Torrance track. The format of the event had each driver completing a 6 lap warm-up race followed by a 12 lap practice race to learn the new layout. After familiarizing themselves with the track, our racers then competed in a 14 lap qualifying race to earn a position for the 16 lap final race. Along the way, some lap records were set, and beat, as our top drivers went faster and faster as they became more comfortable. Towards the end of the night, Orlando Rodriguez set the fastest lap of the day, at 30.88 seconds. This record wouldn’t last though, as a lap time of 30.66 seconds was set in the very next race by Toby Rodriguez. We expect these times to drop even more as our top racers revisit the Torrance track to unlock more of its secrets.

In the final race for position, John Tanaka, a regular K1 Speed Challenge GP competitor, ended up taking the 3rd place trophy. Finishing in 2nd place was Taylor Hays, who had actually qualified on the pole position but was eventually overtaken by our winner, current lap record holder Toby Rodriguez. We could not be happier with how the event turned out. The racing between our top competitors was superb, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the new track, and the turnout was great. We look forward to seeing a new lap record set soon!

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