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K1 Speed Torrance New Track Layout

Ready Los Angeles? K1 Speed Torrance, with its unique concrete surfaced facility, has changed their track layout to give everyone an all-new challenging course to race on! The only electric indoor kart racing center in L.A. keeps drivers on top of their racing skills as this challenging course layout pushes drivers to a different driving style allowing a smooth but fast pace experience. Junior drivers can race on the all-new layout as well; our Torrance facility offers smaller karts for younger racers to join. Come out to take on the new and improved course and be the one to start the pace for the fastest lap time of the week!

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  • Kevin

    Looks good, can’t wait to run. 🙂

  • Camborx7

    when i arrived i was pumped that i was going to race, but when i did boy did i get a surprise. a new track lay out. i was i lil bummed out because i kinda got the hang of d other course. but i guess it will keep us on our toes and give every racer a new challenge. good luck to all have fun!

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