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K1 Speed World Championship – Sept. Update

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Eight months down, four to go to qualify for the inaugural K1 Speed World Championship. We’ll check and see how many more have qualified for this unique competition, but first let’s check out our awesome World Champ apparel again.


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4,000 points: The Qualified


Another 15 drivers have qualified for the WC since last month, which means a total of 45 drivers have the 4,000 points necessary to qualify for the WC. Another three locations join the 4,000 points: Redmond, Addison, and Torrance bringing the total to 19 centers.


San Diego | Atlanta | Santa Clara | Phoenix | Irvine | Concord | Santa Clara| Anaheim | Houston | Denver |Dublin | Sacramento | Kapolei | San Francisco | Ft Lauderdale | Austin | Torrance | Addison | Dallas



3,000 points: On the Cusp 


Another 30 drivers have at least 3,000 points, with four months left to play for in order to qualify. A further seven different locations host these drivers:


Carlsbad | Buffalo Grove | Arlington | Boston | San Antonio | Ontario | Indianapolis


Two Locations Inch Closer to Entering


Only three centers in the US do not have a center champ, but two centers are getting that much closer and we have faith they’ll join by the end of the year: Miami and Salt Lake City. Orlando will need some dedicated racers in the next four months to represent their location in the championship.


Miami (2966) | Salt Lake City (2752) | Orlando

Don’t Miss Out


This means we should have at least 70 drivers from 26 (quite possibly 28) different US centers when the qualifying wraps up at the end of this year.


Three months is still plenty of time to make up ground if you’re looking to qualify for the World Championship. Remember, the eventual World Champion will win a staggering $15,000 – that’s more than some pro drivers make in a competition, and certainly the highest paying indoor karting championship in the world.


You know you have the speed, so visit your local K1 Speed center and rack up those points! Time is ticking, and you will not want to miss out on your chance at becoming the K1 Speed World Champion.

  • Jacob S.

    How are you all going to have 70 drivers? I thought it was only the center champions with 4k k1rs

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Jacob, we mean we’ll have 70 drivers that have qualified – not necessarily the number that’ll be in attendance during the final. Hope that clears up any confusion!

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