Mario Kart Makes a Halloween Appearance at K1 Speed

02 November 2009

We had a great turnout on Halloween this year and saw some fantastic costumes, but our favorite outfits had to be those of Mario, Luigi and the Princess from the popular video game series Mario Kart! We thought the outfits were very clever (and only appropriate considering we operate indoor karting centers) and the spectators seemed to approve as well! Everyone is a fan of the Super Mario Bros. so when Mario, his brother Luigi and Princess Peach hit the circuit in our high-performance electric karts to run their own Mario Kart 125 GP, all eyes were on track! The three had a hard-fought battle for the top position and were undoubtedly wishing that they had a couple of green shells and bananas to throw at the competition, but in the end, Luigi crossed over the finish line first! It was a great race and everyone on the sidelines seemed to thoroughly enjoy watching their favorite video game unfold in real life!

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach visit our K1 Speed Irvine indoor karting center on Halloween! It was Luigi who took the victory though!

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach visit our K1 Speed Irvine indoor karting center on Halloween!

We would like to thank everyone who paid a visit to K1 Speed on Halloween this year! The costumes were great and made for a unique and exciting atmosphere all night long. Of course with Halloween now over, it means that we’re heading into the holiday season. If you know someone who loves the excitement of indoor go kart racing, our K1 Speed gift cards make great holiday gifts and are a great value as well. Whether you want to purchase gift cards for a loved one or want to get in a few more races before the year is over, we hope to see you soon!


  • Enjoyable

    That’s great.
    Luigi and the princess is awesome!!

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