K1 Speed | New Go Kart Track Layout – K1 Speed Anaheim!


New Go Kart Track Layout – K1 Speed Anaheim!

08 June 2009

New Go Kart Track Layout - K1 Speed Anaheim
We have changed the track layout at our Anaheim
indoor karting center and we couldn’t be happier with the results! After a year with the same track design, we decided that the facility was due for a change, and with our easily configurable and movable barriers, we were able to completely redesign the whole track in one morning! The feature that we’re really excited about, and that we think our customers will particularly like, is the new back straight-away which stretches for almost the length of a football field! At 220ft in length, or roughly 70 yards, the back straight gives racers a chance to explore the top speed of our electric karts while also taking a break from the tight and challenging in-field tunnel section of the course. Visit K1 Speed Anaheim today and explore our new track for yourself – we think that you’ll love it!

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