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New Go Kart Track Layout – K1 Speed Carlsbad

15 June 2009

K1 Speed Carlsbad
The track layout at our
K1 Speed Carlsbad indoor karting center has been changed, and judging on the lap times, the new track is fast! Featuring an entirely new mid-section, or infield as it is often called, our new track has a host of new challenges, including a tight chicane along the back straight-away, and two high-speed sections running in opposite directions that are connected by a teardrop hairpin turn. The hairpin allows for a variety of racing lines to be used – you can dive in with the brakes and take it tight or set up wide and try the out-in-out technique – and there is plenty of time to be made or lost, making it one of the most challenging turns on the whole track. Come by our Carlsbad location today and see if you can set the track record!

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